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The Home Office of Your Boss Babe Dreams!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

This home office is what BOSS BABE dreams are made of. When I sat down to design this office, I imagined a beautiful, successful woman running her own company from her home. I sprinkled a little bit of myself in this design and this is the final result! (Be sure to scroll down to see more images of the space!)

I knew this office needed two things: 1. Marble and 2. Pink. So I focused on adding just a touch of each of those elements throughout this room. In the design, I proposed this accent wall be covered in a marble mural wallpaper. I found a great source at to really nail this look!

I also wanted a rustic/industrial shelving unit across that wall. I found a unit I liked, but not in the size I needed, so this piece will be custom made to match the desk. I just love a touch of industrial mixed with luxe (represented in that pendant light fixture) for a really chic vibe. The tufted white leather office chair in this tailored silhouette adds another layer of luxe that really brings the entire room together.

The voluptuous white cotton curtains add almost a bridal feel to the room that I really love. Having extra fabric both in width and length creates a high end feeling that this room needs. When these curtains are open, the fabric gathers and pools well, but the single curtain rod across this entire wall allows one to easily create privacy by pulling the curtains closed.

Across the room is a small sitting/reading area. I added that pop of pink over here with a fabulous floral patterned chair! I brought in a floor mirror (because every woman needs a mirror in her office) and a small table and floor lamp to create a perfect reading nook.

Here's another view of that fun reading area! Can't you see yourself reading a motivational book right there in that pink floral chair! That chair is perfection.

The flooring in this office is a natural oak chevron laid plank floor and just for an added layer, I've included a white cow hide rug. Add a potted palm for greenery and this office is complete! Stage those shelves and you've got a glamorous home office fit for any Boss Babe!

Are you ready to punch up a room in your home? Contact me about E-Design services!

Room designs start at $600/room+finishes/furnishings (does not include kitchen or bath design).

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