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Updated: Feb 12

An eclectic design style can be tricky to nail from a Designer's perspective because it's such a personal aesthetic that makes it truly eclectic.

When you think of "eclectic" interior design, what comes to mind?

Mismatched? Busy? Ugly? Crazy?

I'll be honest, sometimes these are the words I use to describe "eclectic" interior design. But I think the key to this style is very personal to every client.

Well, I had an idea floating around in my mind that I just HAD to get out and into the world. So here it is!

Behold! An ECLECTIC living room concept board (and 3D rendering)!!

Eclectic Living Room Concept Board by Amanda Andrews Design

As if the concept board wasn't exciting enough, I took it a step further and created a 3D rendering of the space! And WOW. I mean, who wouldn't want to take a tour of this high-rise condo?! Scroll through these next few images and prepare to be WOWed. You're welcome!

Interior shot of eclectic living room by Amanda Andrews Design

Here's another view of this living room for your viewing pleasure.

Interior Design by Amanda Andrews Design

And another view! Can I have that pink couch, please?!

Interior Design by Amanda Andrews Design

I'm in love with the combination of elements in this room. A little bit of everything creates a truly eclectic space.

Interior Design by Amanda Andrews Design

So, what does it really take to nail an eclectic design aesthetic? Here are a few of my tricks::

Interior Design by Amanda Andrews Design

A few go-to elements I always consider

when designing an eclectic space::

-Look for one of a kind lighting fixtures. Light fixtures that are unique and really make a bold statement will help create that eclectic vibe.

-Choose an unexpected mixture of patterns. There's no right or wrong here-include a balanced mix of patterns that you truly love!

-Choose bold furniture. Want a hot pink couch? Go for it!!

Interior Design by Amanda Andrews Design

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