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A Salon Experience

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

When the owner of a local salon called me and asked me to help her design her new space, I was so excited! We sat down together and she told me all of her ideas for how she wanted the new space to look and feel. Inspired by her imagery, I ran with it and began to create an inspiration board.

The new salon was going into an OLD historic building downtown with original character like original exposed brick walls, antique oak floors, and soaring ceilings! Basically, a designer's DREAM.

We really wanted to preserve and enhance the original charm, so after touring the space, this is the inspiration board I created for her new space!

I planned to leave as much of the original brick that we could exposed. The antique oak floors would remain too. We wanted to create a salon and spa experience that was unique to our area and authentically beautiful. I proposed bold black accent walls with a pop of my client's signature color. The lighting fixture ideas would be a little rustic, a little antique, and a little glam.

I used 3D design software to visually explain the design concept and my client was blown away! (I love it when I nail the presentation!)

Let's walk through the concept design for the interior of this salon and day spa!

When you walk through the front doors of the salon, you'll check-in at this gorgeous reception desk. The bold black accent wall will showcase a custom made, back-lit, mirrored sign with the name of the salon. Similar to one like this:

and this:

I wanted the reception area to be special and really stand out (even from the street).

I proposed beautiful artwork, leather seating, and marble surfaces to create a welcoming and luxurious reception area in the day spa.

Detailed in the image below is the area I carved out for some retail space. Every salon needs an area for clients to be able to purchase the products that their consultant shared with them. This little shelving unit in the reception area is the perfect spot.

The view of the other side of the reception area includes a small seating area and another larger piece of furniture to be used for product display, refreshments, and/or storage.

The image below is of the small seating group in the reception area. Don't you just love how bright this spot is right by those big windows!

Moving further into the salon, just beyond the reception area is the styling area. I wanted to keep this space clean, simple and modern. I proposed a slab of wood with a live edge as the styling bar. Stylists would each have their own styling unit that would roll under the bar top to hide away. Each mirror would be back lit and floating off the wall.

Similar to this:

Within the styling area is a place for drying chairs and a full length storage unit to house supplies and tools.

A must have in this salon and day spa are manicure and pedicure stations. Here I proposed a similar idea as in the styling area. There will be a manicure bar created with a large slab of wood. The nail technicians would have their own storage carts that would just roll under the bar top to stow away.

Even the hand-washing station is gorgeous in this salon and day spa! That sink is SERIOUSLY retro-schoolhouse and I LOVE it so much! This sink was the perfect piece to complete the look and feel of this salon. (I even proposed a smaller, single faucet version of it in the bathrooms.)

The mix of aesthetics in this salon space from luxe-glam to farmhouse-chic were EXACTLY what my client was looking for in her new day spa. I completely embraced my client's brand to create a beautifully authentic interior design concept.

If you're a business owner and you're ready to create a beautifully designed space for your clients and patrons to enjoy, contact me! I can help you create and develop a fully branded interior design plan that embraces your brand and evokes the look and feel you've always wanted for your space.

Send me an email at

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