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This kitchen is so special to me. It's the reimagined version of the kitchen in my childhood home.


When my parents were ready for a change, they needed to make a decision to either stay in the home we grew up in, or build a new one. As they contemplated their options, they wanted to see what we could do with their current home. So I went to work and created a bold new plan which included removing a load bearing wall to open up and expand the current kitchen.


In the concept design, the sink has been relocated to the island, which tripled in size, and additional storage was created in the double sided peninsula. The microwave, which was previously over the range, was relocated next to the fridge and under the counter-a convenient location for reheating leftovers. The rangehood is now a simple statement piece. I added a decorative X-leg detail on each end of the island and a waterfall detail at the end of the peninsula.


Before, there was a very small island with no room for seating. Now, at least 5 people can sit comfortably at the new, spacious centerpiece. 

By removing that load bearing wall (which is a major undertaking) the entire home is opened up and transformed. The renderings I created helped my parents visualize what their renovated space would look like.


Ultimately they decided to close this chapter of our lives and begin a new one by building a new home. I had the opportunity to create 3D renderings of the new home as well. The kitchen is going to be amazing!

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